Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Florida English and other updates

Florida English has recently published a special Imagist Issue now available on their website. Much in this volume was presented at the First Imagist Conference held in Brunnenburg Castle, Dorf Tirol, 2007. Several Hymnagistes presented on the imagist poets, and several poems by hymnagistes are included within this great volume.

There have also been recent reports of Hymnagistes in the north country around Lake Placid and throughout the Adirondacks. It seems they have already taken the Olympic Ski Jump, the Bob-Sled Run, and all of SUNY Plattsburg.

New reports coming in daily claim that there will be Hymnagistes at this year's SAMLA conference in Louisville, KY. If you're in town, stop by November 7-9, 2008 (see SAMLA Convetion Website for more information). I hear Des Hymnagistes are taking over the conference and there will be several poetry readings, presentations, and the normal festivities.